Expert Home Repair and Renovation in the Edmonton Area

Electrical, Sheet Metal, Plumbing & Heating Services in Edmonton

Electrical Services
• Complete electrical services and maintenance for residential and commercial purposes
• Fire alarms, lighting, retrofit, data cabling, tenant improvements, energy savings, troubleshooting, electric   heating cables
• Service upgrades, exterior electrical receptacles in parking lots, appliance hook-ups and emergency lighting

Sheet Metal
• Complete sheet metal fabrication and service: pipe and duct insulation, including louvers and dampers; air   balancing and pneumatic control; installation and repair of all types of rooftop units, furnaces and warehouse   heaters, and heating and cooling equipment

Plumbing & Heating
• Replacement and service of all types of vessels: boilers, gas, steam, pipe fitting, forced air
• Furnace replacement and installation of heat exchangers and air conditioners of all types
• Rough-ins for new bathrooms, water, drain, venting, upgrading, hot water tanks, gas controls
• Installation and repair of toilets, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, dishwashers and carburetors
• We provide emergency call services for on-going clients